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                     "Sickle Cell Matters" Webcast Series
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  • Shine the Light - Part II (Thurs, Sept 10, 6pm - 7:30pm)

  • Press Conference-Sept. 14, 2020, PA STATE CAPITOL STEPS

  • Feel My Crisis - (Pain Management & Mental Health) (Tues, Sept 15, 6pm - 7pm)

  • Physical Fitness/Nutrition -Chris Franklin(Harlem Globetrotters) (Tues, Sept 22, 6pm - 7pm)

  • Blood Drive September 25,2020. See Below for information.

  • Advocating for Sickle Cell Across PA (Tues, Sept 29, 6pm - 7pm)

  • See our Events section to see whats going on the  Month of September.

“A Council Building Bridges within the Sickle Cell Community”
Providing support to Individuals, Families, and Caregivers,
in 26 PA Counties, who are affected by this life threatening, painful disease 
through advocacy, increased public awareness, intervention, and education.

"Superheroes really don't need capes, just a mask and a mission."

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                              Blood Drive

Welcome to the Sickle Cell Council!

2004 National

Stamp recognizing those impacted by
Sickle Cell Disease


We love visitors and are eager for you to become better acquainted with our nonprofit and Sickle Cell Disease and Trait. 

What we do each day impacts the lives of people who live with this painful disease in the 26 PA Counties that we support. Various people contact the Sickle Cell Council (SCC) to ask for help for themselves, and/or, loved ones. After identifying people who are suffering silently, without the benefits of our services, we encourage them to start using our programs and services to make their lives easier. 

If you would like to show your support for our nonprofit with a tax-deductible donation, just click on the Donate button, above. Whether you give one dollar, one hundred dollars, or one thousand dollars, any amount that you donate will help us help people stricken with this painful, life threatening disease, Sickle Cell. 

Thank you for your heartfelt consideration to support our worthwhile cause! 

Joseph Robinson, Jr.,
Executive Director


Press Conference

South Central PA Sickle Cell Council

Date: Mon. September 14, 2020

Time: 11:30 AM.




This is exciting news!  
Scientists are getting closer to a CURE
for Sickle Cell Disease!

July 26, 2020:  A Report on CBS 60 Minutes that you should watch! The facts and truths, so far, will lift your spirit and offer you the chance to be hopeful about a CURE on the horizon.



More Recent Gene Therapy Approaches
"These Patients Had Sickle Cell Disease,
Experimental Therapies Might have Cured them"

- by Gina Kolata 
Go to toolbar above: Click on:

FACTS then Click on: SCD In the News!

"Hope and Destiny - A Patient's and Parent's Guide
to Sickle Cell Disease and Sickle Cell Trait" 

by Allan F. Platt, Jr., PA-C & Alan Sacerdote, M.D.



 "Stranger Within"  - by Shirley Renee

Celebrity Champion, Markus Golden,
NFL Player, with the Arizona Cardinals
made a Public Service Announcement (PSA)
to increase awareness about Sickle Cell Disease
on World Sickle Cell Day! 



HERE IS THE LINK to the PA House of Representatives Video of our recent 2019
 ADVOCACY DAY, on May 7th.

The Sickle Cell Disease Council For Change Releases its first report: Improving Vaso-occlusive Crisis Management


The Sickle Cell Disease Council For CHANGE recently released its first report,
supported by Pfizer, which identifies issues and objectives to address
for improving the acute care of sickle cell disease. Click here to read the report.

The Council For Change is a group of leading experts, advocates, and patients in the United States who
are passionate about driving forward advances to improve management and acute care of SCD patients. 

The group, which consists of more than 20 members, recently published its first report, titled Improving Vaso-occlusive Crisis (VOC) Management. The report can be accessed here. Additionally, a useful backgrounder that gives an overview of the initiative can be found here.


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                                                              2020 Sickle Cell Awareness Month 
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